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Thank you for choosing Wolko Auto Sales to finance your vehicle! 


This page will help you get one step closer to getting in it!


If you have anything questions, you can call the store at (817) 542-6272 


Here at Wolko Auto sales, we offer financing through several banks. In order to finance a vehicle through a bank, they require stipulations, or proofs so that the deals can be valid, they are:

1. Proof of Income

     a. Paystubs - Your past 2 paystubs 


     b. Bank Statements - 3 months of bank statements.


2. Proof of Residence

     a. Gas bill, electric bill, cable bill, water bill, cell phone bill
     b. Bank statements can count as a proof of residence, so can a texas ID or DL
     c. All proofs must be valid, bills must be dated within 30 days.

             1. We have banks that don't require these proofs, but having these lets us                                         have multiple banks give us figures so we can see what fits best for you.

3. Insurance
    -Full coverage insurance, 500/500 deductable with lender as leinholder (We will provide your lender's information!)

4. Driver's license or ID 

     a. Having a driver's license makes you available to all of my banks
     b. An ID limits the banks you can use
     c. Passports are also acceptable, however it again limits the banks we can use for you.


5. References

     a. Our banks range in the number of references that they require, they range from 5-10.
                 - Full Name, Address, Number, Relation

6. Social Security

     a. If you dont have a social security card, a TIN # can be used.

     b. If you have neither, we would not be able to finance you a vehicle, however in house                  financing and cash is still available! Give us a call and ask about in house financing!






We do NOT need all of these in order to finance you, you can have as little as identification and proof of income and we can get you a loan! Having all of the stipulations above just allows you to have more options when you decide to finance a vehicle through us.




















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